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On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, join us for an evening with Holocaust survivor Susanne M Reyto who will be sharing her life story. Through Susanne’s story, we will also pay tribute to the six million victims of the Holocaust and honor those survivors who are still with us.

Zikaron BaSalon (Hebrew for “memories in the living room”) offers a new, meaningful and intimate way to commemorate this day and address its implications through discussions among family, friends and guests. It is a unique and authentic tradition of people gathering together to open their hearts to the stories of the survivors.

Susanne M Reyto will share her personal story, and her life mission to educate and engage about the lessons from the history.

Susanne’s childhood experiences and her ultimate escape from Communist Hungary in the late 1950’s left her with an unwavering spirit of optimism and perseverance. She grew up in Australia, lived on Guam while her husband served in the US Navy and has traveled the world. Her writings have been featured in major US newspapers and Internet magazines/websites. She has appeared on television and radio in the US and Canada. Her book, Pursuit of Freedom has been designated as recommended reading for youngsters. Her recently published book, Destination Freedom, aims to reach middle-school age and older.

The event is open to all community members from 7th grade and up. We encourage parents and children to attend together.

Please RSVP by January 26th.

The event will be held in English.

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אודות הקורס

הצטרפו אלינו לזיכרון בסלון לרגל יום השואה הבינלאומי. המפגש יועבר באנגלית.

קרא/י עוד
    Enrichment (Adults), Enrichment (Kids & Teens), Holocaust
    Adults, High School, Middle School
    1 Session
    60 Min
    Jan 27, 2022

Schedule - Susanne M Reyto

  • January: 27th

    Thursday@5PM PST/8PM EST
Price: $0 per course

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Susanne M Reyto

Los Angeles, CA
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